Sound System

We have an Allen & Heath SQ6 mixing board with:

  • 36 channels available
  • 4 monitor mixes available.


  • 5  SM-58 vocal mics
  • 2  SM-57 mixed use mics
  • 1  Sennheiser e 835 vocal mic
  • 2  Sennheiser e 609 instrument mics
  • Audix drum mic system

Direct Inputs:

  • 6  Samson MD 2 Pro Direct Boxes

Stage Dimensions

Our stage is:

  • 2′ tall
  • 21.5′ wide
  • 10.5′ deep

Our stage features:

  • 4.5′ retractable runway
  • Side stage ramp for easy load-in
  • Private seating area stage right

DJ Equipment

Reloop Mixon 4

  • 4 channels
  • Serato & DJay Pro mixer
  • BYO USB cable

Sound check

Persons operating The Wicked Witch’s equipment must be respectful of its limitations and comply with the opinions of the house engineer.

We value punctuality and ask that all performers arrive on time for their sound check or advise a late arrival with as much notice as possible. Failure to give notice may result in an expedited sound check or none at all.

Touring engineers and performers are expected to be respectful of The Wicked Witch’s space and equipment. Our house sound engineer may remove any visiting engineer if deemed necessary to protect our equipment, holding corresponding acts accountable for damages in the appropriate circumstances. House engineers uphold the right to replace a touring engineer at any time, in addition to enacting any other limitations regarding sound.